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Glossary of Terms                  D to F


Daily rates 

The method of payment for contracts for which tenderers quote rates per chargeable day.


Day works 

The method of payment for contracts for which tenderers quote rates per attendance hour.


DBFM (design, build, finance and manage) 

A contract (as used for the PFI) in which the service provider is responsible for all 4 aspects of the provision and management of a service.


DBFO (design, build, finance and operate) 

A contract (as used for the PFI) in which the service provider is responsible for all 4 aspects of the provision and operation of an asset.


DE (Defence Estates)

Responsible for the properties and lands owned by the MOD.



Giving positive, constructive feedback to competing suppliers on their performance at certain stages of the procurement process. It gives you the opportunity to improve your performance in the future. It can also help the buyer, as it highlights problems that may have arisen during the procurement process. This gives them the opportunity to improve their procedures.



A breach of a contract condition, e.g. a delay in the promised delivery.



A collective name for the tangible goods and/or services that the supplier or contractor is required to supply under an agreement.



Promoting equality and diversity is a duty the entire Contracting Authorities take very seriously.


Dynamic Purchasing Systems 

An electronic process for making commonly used purchases of which meet the requirements of the contracting authority and which is limited in duration, open throughout its validity to any economic operator that satisfies the selection criteria and has submitted an indicative tender that complies with the specification.


Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO)

A Joint Committee of Local Authorities which operates within the Local Government (Goods & Services) Act 1970. It acts as a purchasing agent for its member authorities and other customers and provides a professional cost effective procurement and supply service.



The use of electronic methods in every stage of the purchasing process from identification of requirement through to payment, and potentially to contact management.


Equal opportunities

The practice of ensuring that all employees and users of services receive fair and equal treatment.


Equalities Impacts Needs Assessment (EINA) 

A tool for ensuring that equality issues can be considered when drawing up policies, procedures or delivering services by assessing what the implications are on a wide range of people with different and varied needs.



A genuine and realistic price calculated by an officer that represents an estimate for defined works, goods or services, as required by EU rules or standing orders for the purposes of determining the procurement process and ensuring adequate budget provision. This should not be confused with an estimate from a contractor, supplier or service provider for a defined piece of work.


EU rules 

The Public Services or Supplies or Works Contracts Regulations relevant to the implementation of the EU (European Union) directive on award of public services contracts.



Detailed assessment and comparison of contractor, supplier or service provider offers, against financial and quality criteria.


Firm price 

A price which is not subject to variation. Also known as 'Fixed price'.


Framework agreement 

An arrangement under which a contracting authority establishes with a provider of goods, works or services, the terms under which contracts subsequently can be entered into, or ‘called-off’ (within the limits of the agreement) when particular needs arise. See also ‘call-off contract’.


Freedom of Information Act 

The act creates a general right of access, on request, to information held by public authorities.

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