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Glossary of Terms                  G to O



The resources that contribute to a programme or activity including income, staff, volunteers and equipment.


Instructions to tenderers 

Instructions in the tender document designed to ensure that all Tenderers are given all the relevant information relevant to the tender to assist with their submission.


Invitation to negotiate 

An invitation to a shortlist of typically 3 to 4 bidders to submit a response to a bid document prepared by a public sector Authority. This document comprises detailed descriptions of the project facilities and services required, expressed in the form of outputs to be delivered or achieved, as opposed to inputs. Bidders determine how such outputs are to be delivered efficiently and effectively. Also known as an ‘ITN’.


Invitation to tender

An invitation to contractors, suppliers or service providers to bid for the provision of works, goods or services. Also known as an ‘ITT’.



A request to pay submitted by a supplier of works, goods and/or services.


Invoice item 

A line item on an invoice.


Invoice payment terms

Specified terms of payment agreed between the supplier and purchaser.


Joint venture 

Any contract or other arrangement between a body and another under which both bind themselves to contribute separate services, work or funding for a shared overall purpose.


Liquidated and ascertained damages 

A genuine pre-estimate of the loss that the contracting authority will suffer if the contractor defaults when performing the contract. This may form the basis of deductions from payments, which will be calculated according to the specific circumstance relating to each type of contract.


Market Research 

See “market testing”


Market testing 

The process of comparing the efficiency of in-house services against tenders from outside firms.


Method statements

Proposals are tendered as sought by clients, for dealing with aspects of the work for which clients have set no specifications, or where more detailed operational information is required.


MEAT (Most economically advantageous tender)

The tender that will bring the greatest benefit to the client having taken a number of factors into consideration, including quality and cost.


NAO (National Audit Office)

Its role is to audit the financial statements of all government departments and agencies, and many other public bodies.


Needs assessment

A process by which health and social care professionals assess and then make conclusions on risks and needs. The assessment sets out what is necessary for an individual to maintain their life at a certain standard.


Negotiated procedure 

One of the procedures for procurement under the EU Directives, available only in limited circumstances, under which client authorities negotiate with at least three eligible applicants who meet their criteria.



A supplier’s offer to provide goods and/or services for a consideration in response to a buyer’s enquiry.


Official order 

A pre-printed form, which incorporates the client’s terms and conditions of purchase, used to place an order with a supplier. See also ‘purchase order’.


Open procedure 

One of the procedures for procurement under the EU Directives, under which all eligible applicants are invited to tender in a one-stage procurement process.



The benefits or changes that have come about as a result of the work or activity of a project or the organisation. These include short term, long term, intended, unintended, positive and negative effects.

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