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How to write a PQQ

One of the most often asked questions from our clients is "How can we write a successful pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ)?"


We always treat writing a PQQ like managing a project. Firstly, identify the resources you have to undertake the work, allocate team members and ensure each person understands what their responsibility and role is in relation to the task in hand. In simple terms, make sure your staff knows what they are meant to be doing and when they need to do it by.


Before you consider writing the PQQ, it is also important to do the following:


  • Pay attention to the client's instructions about what information is required. You will not pre-qualify unless you fully comply

  • Read the specification (and again and again) plus other background material such as contractual terms and conditions provided by the client

  • Make a business decision on whether you will bid or not bid. Base this decision on whether you can comply with everything required by the client


So you have completed the above steps. What next?

For further information on writing a PQQ take a look at our cost effective PQQ writing services or call us now on 07944 292870.

The next stage is to complete the pre-qualification questionnaire to the instructions set out by the client. It is important to understand the following:


  • Analyse the way each question is worded and the information required.

  • Save time and avoid including additional material if it's not requested. Any additional information will not be marked at the PQQ stage

  • If the client imposes a word count to a specific question - keep to it. Use bullet points if necessary

  • If the client requests details of three examples, that is precisely the number you must provide. Even if you could provide twenty examples - only specify the ones required. Listing them all will gain you nothing

  • Ensure what needs to be signed and dated by the relevant authority is signed by the relevant authority

  • Be enthusiastic and show a real level of interest in your submission

  • Present the PQQ in a professional manner

  • Ensure the PQQ is completed and delivered to the client no later than what is instructed

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Successful Pre-Qualification Questionnaires


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