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Re-tendering guidance

Are you the incumbent supplier to an organisation and the service you provide is about to be re-tendered? Don't despair. Here are some snippets of advice to give you every chance of competing and even winning the re-tender.


Don’t be complacent

No matter how good you are at providing the current service, putting anything less than 100 per cent effort into the bid submission is a massive error. You should always treat the tender the way you would with a

new bid. So prepare the best you can, read the documents, put the tender together with care and attention; and don't forget to allocate sufficient time and resource into producing a robust bid.  


Don't rely on existing goodwill between the client and you

Do you have a fantastic working relationship with your client? If yes, that's great, but don't rely on this goodwill to win the new contract. You can't rely on the client remembering how good you performed in the

contract or knowing what you have achieved. In simple terms, you should assume that the client does not know you. Focus on presenting a suitable bid, show casing all of your capabilities and you are half way to



Understand the client and all of their requirements

Quite simply, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you can find out as much information as possible about the client’s expectations for the future service, this will help you to gain a more defined understanding of the services and this knowledge will help you to put together a more effective bid.


Added value and innovation

Before submitting the tender, it is good practice to sit down and not only map out the wins you have achieved during the lifetime of the current contract, but also the lessons learned or changes that could have been made. Being honest about your past performance sends good signals to the client and they will appreciate the honesty and commitment to the proposed contract. It is vital, however, to highlight how you will add innovation and added value to the new contract if you are successful with the bid.


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Posted by Stephen Frost, 27 July 2015


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