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Tender Writing FAQs

We can discuss your tender and bid requirements and take advantage of our cost effective tender writing services.


What is a tender?


A tender is a formal offer from a supplier in response to a Request for Tender (RFT) or Invitation to Tender (ITT)


What is a ITT?


ITT (Invitation to Tender) is a formal communication from an organisation to a supplier inviting it to submit a tender. The ITT will usually include instructions for submitting the tender, the terms and conditions, which will govern the contract once it is active, and the specification for the scope of works/services.


What does a tender writer do?


A tender writer will work with you to determine what your key messages are and the content your tender submission needs. The tender writer will write the tender for you with the key emphasis showcasing how your expertise and experience  will benefit the prospective client. Using a professional tender writer will not only save you time and resources but it will also save you a lot of stress.

Will using a tender writer increase my chances of winning contracts?


There are no guarantees of success but when you work with a professional and experienced tender writer, you will receive a much better tender submisssion. Provensa Consulting are not only experienced tender writers but we understand what businesses and particularly government departments want in terms of tender submissions. We have the huge advantage of having evaulated, marked and managed numerous tender projects. We know how to describe your business in the best way.


We are often unsuccessful in applying for tenders - what is the reason for this?


This isn't an easy question to answer but we can help you overcome this by offering our professional tender writing services which will add value to the bid.

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