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Top tips for winning tenders

We get asked how to write successful bids on a regular basis. Writing tenders is very difficult but it can be overcome if you follow our top tips.


(1) Preparation

Writing tenders is time-consuming, it involves a huge amount of paperwork and a lot of time and resources. In our experience, many businesses will leave writing a tender until very close to the deadline meaning that their submission is not as good as it could be. So our top tip is to be prepared and don't underestimate the amount of work involved to create a high quality tender submission. This is the key to writing successful tenders and beating your opposition.


(2) Read and re-read

Always read the instructions to tender and other associated documents such as the specification and contractual terms and conditions, very carefully. Not doing this can lead to errors in your bid.


(3) Answer every question required

It is easy to have a non-compliant bid so make sure your business answers every question. If there is a word count limit to a particular question or section don't go over it!


(4) Signed paperwork

Any paperwork requiring signing needs to be signed.


(5) Check everything before you submit

Before submitting your bid, ensure you have completed everything required. Do this a couple of times and correct spelling errors, or any other mistakes found. Many businesses fail with their bids because they have failed to comply with specific questions or sections. So take time, read and re-read your bid and make sure you have everything covered and have answered everything to the exact requirements of the client.


(6) If unsure, contact us!

We are here for a reason and are experts in the area of tender writing and tender evaluation. We help businesses win more contracts so if you require assistance on a particular bid, please contact us. We are always on hand to provide guidance and advice to ensure your bid is of high quality.    

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